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ARSHI FF: ~Best Friends (BFTW II)~ Chap 16

Chapter 16: God's Gift

It has been a week Khushi has under gone a tragic situation. She is trying hard to cope up with it and all the other family members are extra cautious about it. Ever since Khushi is back Arnav became very possessive about her. It was his strict instruction to each and every family members and friends that no body is going to restrict her from doing anything. She is free to do whatever she wants. He made sure to keep a check on her eating and resting. No matter how much busy he was, he never failed to call her up or anjali if she was not available to make sure he had food on time and took her vitamins and other medicines prescribed.
Khushi spent most of her time sitting near the poolside looking at the tiny waves of water formed by the breeze, lost in her thoughts. It has been the toughest situation of her life till date. No matter how much everyone tried to console her but she was sad and really said.
But the best thing was she was atleast comfortable around Arnav. These days she clinged on to him more and more and Arnav never denied or reacted. He had supported her throughout.
All these things have impacted anjali as well. She tried to be friendlier and easier towards her. Encouraging her to spend some more time with Arnav as she knew only Arnav was the key to her happiness at this moment. She tried to keep ayush away from Khushi as much as possible so that she doesnot feel sad thinking about her baby much.
He opened his eyes to find his sleeping beauty cuddling in his arms. He spotted her dark circles around her puffy eyes. He knew yesterday night she sobbed hard against his chest. But he purposely let her do that. He knew she will never cry infront of anybody not even him but he also knew how badly she needed to vent it out.
It was definitely very hard from him to see his best frined like that. The person who always had smile on her face no matter how tough the situation is, is now going through her toughest phase of like.
Arnav pulled her closer and kissed her head. A lone tears kissed dropped on her cheek which made her wake up.
Arnav quickly wiped it off before she could realize anything.
She stretched her arms and yawned lazily.
"Good Morning Moti, whats our plan for the day? Wanna go out somewhere?" he asked caressing her knuckles.
She smiled looking at him and pressed his hand. "I am fine Arnav, I am really fine, you don't need to do this for me you know."
Arnav exhaled "phew, good then get me a cup of coffee. I am dying Khushi, do you have any idea, it has been ages tere haath ka banaya huya coffee peeke".
Khushi smuggled near him and kissed his chin "can I go after 5 mins? Just wanna be in your arms for sometime. I am feeling lazy".
"Okey baba, baad mein jana. Khushi but you know now a days you have become really lazy".
Khushi yawned listening to the lazy and smiled "I swear Arnav, I don't know why I am getting head ache every morning".
"Khushi, what about your nausea? Is it still there? I mean do you think we should talk to the doctor? Why will you feel nausea now?"
"May be medicine effects Arnav. I am sure it is for that only. In any case you know how much I hate taking medicines".
"hmm, but I still feel we should just talk to the doctor once".
"Hey guys, good morning!".
Khushi was about to move from arnav's arms seeing anjali.
"Relax khush, its ok. I just came her to give your bed tea and chotey's coffee. I have made some fresh cookies for you. i hope you will like it darling".
"Di, aap aisa kyun keh rahi hai? I always love your cookies".
"I know baba, I am sorry honey. Yesterday you weren't feeling well and were puking whatever you were eating so I thought of making you some cookies. I know you like them a lot. I just did not want to pressurize you".
"di, I love you" Khushi said and got up to hug anjali.
"I love you too meri jaan".
"Now both of you if you guys are over with your lovy dovy time then come and have your breakfast. I have made some idlis for Khushi and chillas for you chotey. No hurry take you time. And Khushi I hope you remember today you have an appointment with your doctor".
It has been 15 mins Khushi went inside the bathroom. While having her breakfast she was suddenly feeling nauseac, so she ran to the bathroom leaving her plate.
Arnav wnet to her room and knocked her bathroom. He knew she was **crying. He knew he did not want to go to see the doctor. She hated that nursing home where they took her lifeless lump out. It might be a mere lump for them but it was her life. It was her baby. Her dream.
Knock! Knock!
"Are you done moti? Khushi! What happened opened the door".
"I am not done Arnav". She managed to say in between her sobs.
He heard her chocked voice. He knew it wasnot good for her health but he was helpless.
After few more knocks she came out and immediately hugged him.
Arnav caressed her head and spoke "Khushi please stop crying now. Meye kuch nahi bol raha hoon iska matlab yeh nahi hai I will let you cry like this babes. I know it was very tough and the worst part is we cannot do anything about it sweetheat. But atleast stop crying thinking about the promise which I have made to you".
"Arnav, my womb is weak".
He was silent, she was sobbing in front of him.
"I know Khushi".
She opened her eyes and broke the hug. "You know?"
"yes the doctor told be on that day. Khushi I so wished tu yeh mere se nahi chupati. We would have shown it to some specialist before we planned that baby. But never mind we will fight this out together and I am sure there will be some way. Just don't worry ok?
Can I ask you something Khushi?"
She nodded in approval with teary eyes.
"Do you trust me?"
Three four drops fell down on it's own accord "yes I do" was her answer. "More than me" she added.
"Then just wipe off whatever has happened. I want my jhalli khsuhi back. Ok? He pinched her chubby cheeks".
"Arnav, I don't want to go to the doctors chamber. I cant see that empty screen Arnav. It will haunt me. Please I just cannot go".
She held him tight, blurting her feeling out. Crying on his shoulder for the first time. Not hesitating to show her hidden emotions to him. For her it was a big thing to show her weakness. She always dealt her things on her own. But this time she just couldnot.
She needed a support she knew it. She thought about it for many times and finally she just couldnot stop herself.
He held her shoulder and walked towards his car. He opened the door for her and helped her to get in. Khushi had become really weak after that incident. Despite of taking all her medicines on time and eating healthy food, doing her routine yoga, she still looked weak. It was because of her depression nothing else.
Khushi sat inside the car. Arnav came inside and sat on the driver seat.
"Are you ok?" he asked her before leaving for the doctor's chamber
She just nodded in approval.
He gave her a tight yeh warm smile and ignited the key.
She was trembling while getting down from the car. The very site of the hospital was sending shivers down her spine.
He pressed her shoulder and took her hand in his hand and entered the hospital.
Her cry was till very young in her mind. Her lose still very much felt by her heart. Everything was just coming like a wave and was taking away her calmness from her mind.
It was indeed getting really difficult for her.
Author's note: The next part is based on a true story and the couple is my cousin uncle and aunt. Don't think this is my imagination. The situation was different but the fact is true. 
"Come in Miss Gupta" the doctor greeted her.
Arnav shock hands with the doctor and helped Khushi to sit.
"So how are you Khushi?" the doctor asked.
"I am'well doctor I am not very well". She confessed looking at Arnav who was giving her angry glances for hiding the actual fact from the doctor.
"What happened? Do you have any pain in your abdomen?" the doctor questioned her a little worried.
"No doctor I don't have any pain there".
"Are you getting your chums? I mean is the flow more or less?"
"chums?" she questioned the doctor?
"No doctor, I am not having any chums". She answered in a little bothered tone.
"what? Aren't you bleeding?" the doctor asked her in a very serious tone.
"No doc". She said grabbing Arnav's hand. Arnav immediately placed his other palm and her her hand.
"Doctor is it abmormal?" Arnav enquired.
"Mr. Raizada you should have informed me about this earlier. Do you know she might be suffering from hemorrhage? It is not good if she is not chumming. The blood needs to come out. We have washed her overies but remainings needs to come out on its own. If it doesnot they we have to flush it out once again.
"It is not remaining. IT WAS MY BABY DOCTOR". She busted out crying.
Arnav held her tight to calm her down.
"Khushi, I am really sorry about that. I did not mean to hurt you. But darling you should have told me this. You have already done a mistake by conceiving like this without taking care and now you are risking your life by doing this.
Arnav we need to do her sonography immediately to check her. I know you told me to avoid it over the phone as she was not comfortable but it is now really risky. We need to do it".
"I don't want to do it Arnav. Please ask her not to do it" Khushi pleaded.
"Listen to me Khushi, I will be there with you ok? You don't need to see the scene. It will not take much time. We will talk while the doctors check. Trust me ok?" anrav tired to explain her.
She laid on the bed. She saw the monitor and closed her eyes. She felt horrible at that stage. But Arnav's hand on her head made her ease the inner turmoil. She opened her eyes and saw his face. He was standing right beside her, looking at her lovingly.
She felt the coldness of the gel on her tummy and then the roller which scans the image.
Arnav was whispering sweet nothing to her and she was just lost in arnav's words. She did not pay any attention to what the doctor was doing to her. She heard him say about their future plans and how they will have their baby again.
Suddenly their trance was broken by the doctor's words "OMG!!"
Khushi closed her eyes and held his hand tight. Tears started flowing down her cheeks. Arnav just stood there not wanting to hear any bad news from the doctors mouth. He hoped nothing serious happened to her otherwise he will die. Suddenly the fear of loosing her took over his head.
In the meantime the doctors were calling both of them but they were just ignoring their voices.
"ARNAV!" the doctor literally jerked him.
"Yes doctor" he answered. Making his grip stronger on Khushi's hand.
"It's a miracle".
Arnav was just to hallucinate to understand what the doctor was saying.
"It's a miracle Arnav. Look here, we found a heartbeat in the *uterus", the doctor excited told him.
"What do you mean?" he asked still unable to figure-out anything.
"It means, she had conceived twins Arnav. One egg was fertilized and it couldnot make its way to the utress so it was implanted in fallopian tube which ruptured and she suffered from mis carriage but the other one rightly fertilized. She is still very much pregnant anrav". ( corrected)
The doctor took her towards the screen and made him see his tiny 8 week old baby thumping its heart.
Khushi slowly opened her eyes and turned her head towards the screen. She has listened to everything whatever the doctor explained Arnav.
She saw her baby, the very life still surviving inside her womb. She touched her sticky tummy and smiled. "Our baby, Arnav".
"You have kept your promise, we have our baby with us. And this time I don't wanna lose him".
Arnav immediately came to her and cupped her face. He smooched her passionately without caring about the doctor. "I will not let anything touch our baby Khushi. Today Arnav Singh Raizada promise you that he will take care of you and our baby whole heartedly".

Please Read This
This part is very close to my heart. i have lived every moment with this chapter. It was very difficult for me write this chapter as i was writing something based on true fact and i really wanted to give my best shot. i hope i was able to do justice with this chapter.
My uncle and aunty is now blessed with an 8 year old princess. They live in Canada. My aunt had concieve very late. they have almost lost all the hope when they experienced the mis carriage but destiny had stored something else for them. 
Do let me know how you like the chapter. As you know i never ask. but i specifically wanted you all to let me know about this chapter.
Love you all for your love and support.


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